Cooking - Nutrition - Consumption. 


Cooking is not an Invention, Cooking is a Primal Instinct. 

Eating has become a “National Obsession”. 

You are what you eat, and how much of it.

You are also what you think.

Thinking Requires No Money

and No Permission.

It is all about control.

Control of the mind, control of our obsessions and impulses, it is a state of mind and awareness. 

The resources of consumption are unlimited, to the point of sinful decadence.

It is vital to use available food and nutritional resources in the best way to benefit our physical and mental health.

It is not an easy task to accomplish, with all the temptations that we are surrounded by, and bombarded with on a daily 


People in different situations related to cooking in different ways.  Singles, couples, families, single moms, working moms, young, old, and in between, must deal with cooking and nutrition that is necessary and is so much a part of our everyday life, according to their situation that they have to deal with.
Cooking and eating is a necessity, it is a pleasure, it is work, it is time-consuming, and it is an obsession.
The process of cooking, from shopping to clean up is a chore.
One must figure it out according to their own situation and desires, and where that fits in with all they have to deal with.

 The purpose of this exercise is to share my experiences and theories in Cooking, Nutrition, Consumption, and at the same time learn and experience, and exchange ideas on these subjects with other individuals.

We might all learn something. 

Cooking is a Family Affair

A healthy lifestyle that we all desire and aim for.

It is not an easy goal to achieve.

There is endless “good advice” for all aspects of our lives.

We are bombarded and bombarded and bombarded……

The purpose and the negative effect of the bombardment

is to take your creative independence away.

Thinking is not required, get an APP. 

It is difficult to escape all the temptation and take an independent position of your own. 


Be an Independently Functioning Individual.

“Do not react; Think”. Step back, Listen, Reflect, Contemplate, with an open mind on all issues, it is not that “ONE” agrees or disagrees, the issue is to “UNDERSTAND”.

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Do not take my good advice, just reflect on my wisdom.
My lifestyle, the routine, and habits of my life.
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